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When you buy a leather product, you not only buy it because it's something you need, but also because of the value it brings to you at an attractive price. What happens more often than not is purchasing goods which are made with leathers, inferior in quality, sourced from local tanneries which do not have accreditations or follow due standard operating procedures when it comes to either sourcing the leathers or treating them with the right chemicals before they can be used.

For us it is important to be aware of how our Leathers are processed from start to finish. Please read on to know what goes into making a leather product at TPB.

Source: Our Leathers are genuine and made ethically from gold rated tanneries we operate or license our work to. Each Tannery goes through a transparent audit process in terms of it's processes from start to finish. 

AZO Free Leathers: Most leathers sourced from local market have AZO dyes in them which instantly make them carcinogenic in nature. All Leathers used for leather goods at The Postbox are AZO free, high grade leathers.

Chemical Treatment: A long standing argument is what we do with the chemicals which are used to treat the leather since they can be harmful to the environment. At The Postbox, our tanneries and partners make sure all the chemicals we use are treated using chemical treating agents and systems thus making sure they do not cause any cost to the environment. We work together with accreditation agencies to make sure we follow all processes to the T. 

To go in line with one of our core value of delivering consistency, we run periodic quality tests on the finest of design details and materials we use. Our Leathers age gracefully with time. 

Colour Range

Care for your Leather

When leather gets wet
Dry it slowly under a fan and at room temperature. Do not take the easy way out and use a blow dryer or any other device which quickens the process. It would change the properties of the leather used for your product

When leather gets dry
Take a soft cloth and apply a leather cream on it. From there on, rub the soft cloth in a uniform motion across the patch of leather. Make sure the cloth is clean.

When leather gets dirty
Use a mild damp cloth. For tough stains, we would advise solutions or treatments specifically designed to remove stains and not the leather’s dye

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