Our Materials

Products at The Postbox are made with two primary materials. Genuine Leather and Cordura (A special type and weave of canvas) Premium cordura is versatile in use, lightweight and weather proof. We chose cordura as a material for its tactile strength and agility.

Leathers used by The Postbox comes from factories rated Gold or Silver by the Leather Working Group. LWG is an international organization working to improve environmental performance in the leather industry. They do this by auditing companies to check if they are working according to best practices in the industry. Our Leathers are a by-product of the meat industry. All the leathers we use have been aniline dyed so as to preserve the natural characteristics of the material. We know what it takes to create a quality leather product. Our aim through The Postbox is to offer high quality premium leather goods which will age well over time. 

Genuine Leathers age gracefully over time and ours is no less. The ageing of leathers depends upon the way it has been used and the environments it has been exposed to. Moisture in the air, exposure to the sun all play a vital role in how leather ages over time. To go in line with one of our core value of delivering consistency, we run periodic tests on the materials we use. We use the products we design to test for longevity, verstaility and overall relevant function. Seen here is the Pen & Pencil trunk case.

When Leather gets wet

Wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use a dryer or any other device which quickens the process. It would change the properties of the leather.

When Leather gets dry

Take a soft cloth and apply a leather cream on it. From there on, rub the soft cloth in a uniform motion across the patch of leather. Make sure the cloth is clean.

When Leather gets dirty

Use a mild damp cloth. For tough stains, we would advise solutions or treatments specifically designed to remove stains and not the leather’s dye