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Customization Options

Laser Engraving

A method of engraving the logo/name on to the leather directly by using a laser machine.

Metal Embossing

A metal dyecut of the logo is prepared and is embossed onto the leather using heat transfer process.


State of the art factories

Our Factories are situated in Kanchipuram and Chennai. With a state of the art facilities, boasting of the latest in technology and manufacturing capability, we make leather goods at scale with consistent quality. 

Operational Expertise

With over 30 years of experience in the field of Leather Manufacturing, we've worked and continue to work with leading lifestyle leather goods brands around the world. 

Packaging Solutions

gift boxes

Our gift boxes are painstakingly designed to provide you with a neat and tidy gifting experience. This also involves your company branding.

Cloth bags

Through screen printing, we can provide your company's branding on individual cloth bags inside which the product is packaged.

story cards

Each product can also be sent with a story card which can be customized to carry information about the client's company or the event.