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Corporate gifting

At The Postbox, we make each product with a lot of care and attention to detail. The same goes with each client we work with across Technology, Human Resource, F&B and so on. Our skilled artisans handcraft each product with the best available materials, along with customisation and any other preferences as per the client's needs.

Home ware

Along with our Artisans spread across the country, we make Stone Ware, Ceramic Ware & Terracotta Ware products suited to the client needs. Each product is handmade using some of the best river soil/clay there is available. 

Small Leather Goods

Handmade with Leather ethically sourced from our own Tanneries, each piece is made with artisans keeping in mind what the client would like to see. From Metal embossing to Laser engraving each product with the company Logo, we have done it all using some of the best materials and equipment there is.  

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Travel Goods

Each product made under this category is handcrafted and designed to make your daily commute simpler, functional and aesthetically more pleasing. Choose from a wide range of Wallets, Purses and Passport Sleeves.  


Laptop Bags

Our Laptop bags are made with a combination of Materials such as Ikat Handloom/ Block Prints/ Denim & Canvas. The Base material for each bag is Leather. However, Our artisans have Handcrafted Bags as per client's needs in terms of Materials & Design being used for the final product. 

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