Our Factory

 Made in India, for the world. 

With over three decades of experience in serving the International markets, this is our brand for India. Our products are designed at our studio in Chennai, India.

At Present, we work with over 100 Indian craftsmen. Apart from manufacturing products for our consumers and corporate clients, we also have a robust prototyping facility for us to experiment with new materials and styles. 

A considerable amount of our time is spent upgrading our processes to the latest in technology, people management systems, new training methods and so on. All our employees are remunerated based on industry standards and work standard hours audited by external institutions so we remain in line with the global standards of operation. 

Our Team goes through robust training modules which stretch for periods of 3 months to 6 months. From lessons on leathers and its properties to stitching techniques, the production team go through a versatile range of courses to arm them with a skillset which will help them further their career. 

Almost all our goods are made with a combination of both machine & hand. We want to make sure that when you purchase a product from TPB, there is a certain sense of longevity associated with it.