Order Process

Order Confirmation Email:

An Order confirmation email will be sent to you within 5 minutes of you placing an order on the website. If you do not receiving an order confirmation email, chances are it could be one of the below:

  • The Email ID you’ve entered is incorrect.
  • The Email ID you’ve entered is related to the recipient in the shipping address.
  • The Order confirmation email is in your SPAM folder.

We usually ship out each product from our warehouse within 48 hours. If you have preordered for a product, please check the product page for shipping timelines.

If you think it is not any of the above, please email us at postusanemail@thepostbox.in

Shipping Confirmation Email:

When your Order is shipped out from your warehouse, you will receive a Shipping confirmation email. This email will contain the following details.

  • The Products that have been shipped out from our warehouse.
  • The tracking id for your shipment.
  • Details on when you will receive the product.

If in the event only part of your order is shipped out, please don’t worry. That only means, that some of the products you ordered for did not meet certain pre-defined quality standards. They will be shipped out within time and a new shipping confirmation email with an updated tracking id will be mailed to you.

If you think we’ve not answered your questions, please email us at postusanemail@thepostbox.in