Mylapore Margazhi Maasam

The sound of Temple Bells, of anklets from girls walking in groups after their Bharatnatyam classes, of the voice of MS Subulakshmi blaring across the speakers, of steamed idlis being unwrapped, of flower vendors knitting together garlands and maamis walking by giving each other their daily dose of gossip. If there is anything which takes Chennai back in time to it's Madras days, it's the streets of Mylapore and Triplicane. 

And what better way to document it that during the Margazhi Season. The celebration of Music influences communities altogether. During this season in specific, every year, Mylapore becomes a cultural hotspot, with artists performing against the backdrop of Sabha canteens propping up vying to serve the best idlis and filter coffee there is. 

We spent a week, documenting interesting elements of the season. From Bombay Jayshree mesmerising an audience with her recital to 'Sabha chefs' proudly unwrapping the soft supple idlis to you with a glee on their face, it was a sort of Deja Vu for us. A sight we are used to, but never really sat back and observed through the finer details. A photo story on Mylapore.