Introducing Falling lights - Our new Packaging

If there is one thing which supersedes everything we do here at the studio, something which excites us and keeps our dopamine levels high through the day, it's the process of translating an idea into a product through a series of steps, we have now accustomed ourselves with. Here and there, we let our instincts get the better of ourselves when we make design decisions but what's design without a good dose of spontaneity. 

There is one more area, we are now getting our hands dirty with and that is our overall visual communication and identity. You would have seen this gradual shift through our journal and how we communicate what we do and how we do it. Part of this also includes something we've been working on very closely over the last one year, our packaging. It's a two person team and trust me, it takes a lot of work.

Cutting it short, for me, I look at packaging in two ways, 

The communication/experience:

It is imperative as a brand to communicate their story through the products they deliver. A small story card about the leathers we use and how to take care of them goes a long way with the promise we make to you when you checkout ie, you get what you see on our website. If you look at our Small leather goods for example, they now come in neat boxes which take the silhouette of the product itself. No shortcuts to quality of materials used and the overall function of the product. 

The sustainability factor: 

To keep it simple, we work with papers that can be reused and recycled. Lately for our wallets we've been using recycled paper with a nice string around it. This is something I keep thinking about and want to keep evolving as time passes by.

In July this year, we sat down to ideate on how do we better the packaging experience with some of our bigger products. We began testing out a series of papers for boxes which could help us communicate our brand story through the festive season and beyond. We wanted these boxes to be contemporary in design, something which will be used later on as a storage box for small accessories at home or at office. 


'Falling lights' is a series of boxes well fitted for most of our products. The dotted stripes denotes a string of lights, a sign of celebration especially during the festive season. We are taking it beyond that and making it an experience for you when you open our packages. We want you to think of us as company which celebrates design, responsibly with empathy to our customers, vendors and all of our well wishers. We hope you like what we've created. 

From the team here, Happy long weekend! 

Nikhil Joseph