Curated music from around the world

April 2020

Quarantine playlist no 2. The lockdown has been extended all across the world. While we cannot help but think about how businesses around the world are going to be affected, we most certainly care for your well being during this time. Here is a very groovy playlist to beat the lockdown blues. 

March 2020

While the world sits indoors as a Pandemic spreads across nations, here is a playlist to help you work from home on that - "don't feel like working day."

December - 2019

It's the Holiday season. While we help Santa and wrap all your gifts for near and dear ones and maybe even yourself, here is a Holiday playlist to get on with the times. 

October - 2019

With the festive season coming together really well, we take some time off to sit back and reflecting on what was a really fast October for us. Here is a fun list of OSTs. 

Septemner - 2019

It Our Anniversary month! What a journey it has been for the team. We've put together a lovely playlist of Top Indie music from some of our favourite brands across the country.

August - 2019

With the number of products we've launched over the last two months, we are prepping ourselves to take on this festive season like never before.

June - 2019

Towards the end of June, you will see a series of products being launched which is a culmination of everything we've dreamt The Postbox to be.

May - 2019

Rising beyond odds is a very niche curated playlist reflecting on music of the current generation. 

April - 2019

As we break new grounds at the studio between new materials and better user experiences, here is a versatile playlist along with a few old hits to enjoy your weekends.