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Velichenna // Curry Bowl

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This ceramic curry bowl is inspired by the famous coconut trees of Kerala. The ceramic bowl which forms an irregular ridge across it’s mouth to signify how a coconut looks once it’s sliced open comes with a wooden ladle to make it easier to serve your curries.

  • Specification & Features

    This curry bowl is Dishwasher Proof and Microwave friendly.


    • Breadth at Top: 6 inches 
    • Breadth at Bottome: 3 inches
    • Height: 6.5 inches

    Colour: Yellow & Green


    • This ceramic bowl comes in hues of green and yellow and can be used to serve an assortment of curries or some great dessert.
    • This Ceramic Bowl has gone through a spotted double glaze. The Bowls are placed in an oven and are baked twice. 
    • While first firing happens at 900 degree celsuis, the second firing happens at 1200 degree celsuis. 
  • Why Ceramic ware?
    • A true ceramic bowl or dish will be made only with water and inorganic materials and minerals from the earth’s crust. Because it doesn’t contain any metals, a ceramic pan is non-reactive and non-toxic. No odors or gases release into the air even when heated to extremely high temperatures.
    • When many people think of ceramic, they think of pottery. The ceramic used in The Postbox Ceramic ware is more like a common brick, which is also kiln-fired ceramic. Both are durable, sturdy, and long lasting.
    • Ceramic pans are also easy to clean. Because they are nearly non-stick, you’re not left with burnt food stains etc. They can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher.
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    • Each Coffee mug is bubble wrapped.
    • It is then placed in 5 ply boxes which contain Hay before being tapped and shipped out.






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