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The Dabbawalla Lamp

A Dabbawalla is a person who is revered in the city where people from all over India assemble together to be in pursuit of their dreams. An important part of every day life in Bombay, The Dabbawalla delivers food to millions of people from the city. Food made for the city by the city. 

The Dabbawalla lamp aims to be a conversation starter, create memories from there on and be a product which you will be proud to own. The lamp is made of Natural wood, sourced from Auroville, Pondicherry. For every tree we cut, the community plants 1000 more trees. 

Note: When you order The Dabbawalla Lamp they come with two lamps. A big and small Dabbawalla. 

Each product is handmade, will be made only once an order is placed, packaged and sent to you very safely. 


  • Height of Big Lamp: 12inches
  • Width of Big Lamp: 7inches
  • Height of Small Lamp: 11inches
  • Width of Small Lamp: 5inches
  • Material: Australian Warrier wood 
  • Only LED/CFL bulbs to be used. 
  • Quantity: 2 Lamps


  • Rs 65/- for order value upto Rs 750/-
  • Rs 85/- for order value between Rs 750/ to Rs 2500/-
  • Free Shipping for order value above Rs 2500/-
  • Shipping Time: 15 days 


Type: Lamp

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