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Tea cup - CC5

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Please remember the cost for each product includes our packaging costs which are high. We use 7 ply boxes, hay and bubble wrap for each product thereby increasing the weight of the packaged box.

The Processing time for your order will be between 10-15 days. 

The handles of these tea cups have been wound with cane about 2mm in width making it look as contemporary as it can get.  These products are washable and re-usable. 

Care Instructions: Can be washed without a scrubber. 

  • Height: 2.8inches 
  • Diameter: 2.6inches
  • Width of Cane: 3mm
Shipping costs will be additional to the below mentioned costs. The costs of shipping will be calculated based on the weight and size of the box. We will send across a receipt of the shipping charges from our courier partner to you when your order is ready for despatch. The amount will need to be deposited within 24 - 48 hours. 

    Type: Terracotta

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