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Reilly Card Case - Brown

A classy alternative to the bulk of your wallet. Head out in style. 

Your nights out (or days out) can now be super classy! Know where you’re headed to but don’t want to carry your wallet? Then simply select your specific methods of payment and head out with the Reilly Card Case. Available in black, maroon, brown or blue, this case holds upto 6 cards, a snug space for your paper money and a whole lot of style!


  • Size: Length*Height = 4.17inches*3.30inches
  • Weight: 20 gms
  • Material: Cork Fabric
  • Material: Organic Cotton 
  • Occasions this can be used: Sports/Formal/Casual/Travel
  • Care Instructions: A simple wash with any mild cleansing solution will do the trick, and restore your product to its original beauty.



    Type: Card Case

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