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Naga Spears

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These are hard bound notebooks which depict the life and culture in the North Eastern parts of the country.

The Naga spears are powerful symbols and an indispensable part of Konyak male attire. Roughly 5 feet long, it has a leaf shaped socketed iron head and an iron butt. Naga spears were used both for fighting and for ordinary use. Ceremonial spears, sometimes with two-pronged heads, were decorated with tufts of goat hair dyed red. Women were forbidden to touch the spear, as it was feared that the men would have bad luck in the hunting expeditions

  • Specifications: Dimensions: A5
    Inside pages: 160 pages. Plain. Natural shade, Acid free, Wood free paper.
    Laminated Hard cover | Book binding
  • Product Code: AANB-NS02L
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    Type: Notebooks

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