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Denim Laptop Bag + Wooden Notebook

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Bread & Butter Denim // Laptop Bag 

See further product photographs of the Denim Laptop bag here 

Know your Bread & Butter Denim Designer Leather Laptop Bag:?

  • The Bag has two main elements. Imported thick Denim fabric and Export Hard Dark Tan Genuine Leather.
  • The Bag has a Leather incasing around the Border and Bottom of the bag which makes the bag a lot more sturdy and also makes it stronger for rough use. 
  • The Hardware that is the Clips and Buckles are all Nickel plated and bigger in size.
  • The Front pocket is made relatively bigger in terms of width and height to fit a small notebook so on and so forth.


Can this fit a 15.8inch Laptop? 

Yes it can. The Length x Breadth x Height is 15.8" x 4.4" x 13"

How many compartments and pockets/sleeves does the bag come with?

To be precise, 2 compartments, 2 pockets and 1 outer sleeve. 

  • Size of Outer Pocket: 5.7 inches x 7.7inches
  • Size of 2 Inner Pockets: 4.5inches x 3 inches
  • First compartment: A 5mm padded compartment which can store 1 laptop + 2 notebooks.
  • Second compartment: 4 books + 1 hard disk + other essentials. 

    What is the Bread and Butter Laptop bag made of? 

    • The Zips and Zippers are imported into the country from YKK, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of zips and zippers. The zips and zippers are then Nickel Plated.
    • The Inner Lining material is Poly Drill which is what is used in products specially made for exports thereby meeting International standards. 
      How do we take care of the Bread and Butter? 
      • No Machine wash. In-order to clean bag, please rinse only. 
      • Please note that stretch marks on leather is a sign that genuine leather has been used. Only Faux leather comes with zero stretch marks. 
      Suggested weight you can carry inside the bag: 2kgs-2.25kgs


      What is this Convergence about?

      There will come a time in life where we meet ourselves at Crossroads, the person we are and the person we want to be. Let this be our inspiration to keep moving on and nailing it!

      Most of our inspiration has been from symmetrical spaces we have been part of, places where memories have been created. 

      The Process:

      • Our Veneer sheets are sourced from Kerala where waste wood is repurposed and reused to converted into them. 
      • These sheets are given for laser printing according to the design and name request of the customer. Each book is laser cut to precision. 
      • The Veneer sheets are fused on ply wood which covers the notebook on either sides, bound by spiral rings.

        Notebook Specifications: 

        • Dimensions:  7.1" x 9.5"
        • Inside pages: 144 pages. 100 GSM in Thickness. Plain. Natural shade, Ink friendly paper.
        • Veneer wood cover | Book binding


        • Rs 65/- for order value upto Rs 750/-
        • Rs 85/- for order value between Rs 750/ to Rs 2500/-
        • Free Shipping for order value above Rs 2500/-


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