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Terracotta Cutting Chai glass

Rs. 429.00

Inspired by the ritual of Bombay's conversation over chai during the monsoons, these Terracotta Cutting Chai Glasses with hand woven cane have been produced by artisans in Calcutta and in Chennai. A total of 65 artisans work on these cups on a weekly basis. The process of construction of each cup is present below our specifications section.Read more about how we create our ceramic glazed Terracotta ware here


    • Dimensions: 3.5inches x 3 inches
    • Width of Cane: 2mm
    • Volume of Liquid: 125ml


    • Care instructions: For long lasting, please wash within 2 hours of use with warm water and lightsoap with scrubber. 
    • The cups are 100% reusable owing to the ceramic glaze within.


    • Each Cutting Chai glass mug is bubble wrapped.
    • It is then placed in 7 ply boxes which contain Hay before being tapped and shipped out. 


    • Rs 65/- for order value upto Rs 750/-
    • Rs 85/- for order value between Rs 750/ to Rs 2500/-
    • Free Shipping for order value above Rs 2500/-
    • Shipping time: 3 working days.

    Shipping time from Warehouse: 2 working days

    Standard Delivery time: 3-5 working days

    Buy 2 for Rs 429/-
    Buy 4 for Rs 689/- (Save Rs 169)
    Buy 6 for Rs 889/- (Save Rs 398)
    Buy 8 for Rs 1129/- (Save Rs 587)

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