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The North Eastern region is regarded as a heaven for a butterfly enthusiast. Out of the world’s 15, 000 odd butterflies, Assam alone houses more than 800 of the exotic winged variety; nearly a 50% of the butterflies found in India. Butterflies serve as important plant pollinators in the local environment and help important plant crops. These little-winged creatures play an important role in biodiversity conservation. But there has been a
gradual decline due to deforestation and very fewer conservation activities. This decline in species is an indication of the ongoing global environmental crisis, and if not checked will perhaps reach a point where downward trends can no longer be reversed.
  • Dimensions: A5
  • Inside pages: 160 pages. Plain. Natural shade, Acid-free, Wood free paper. 
  • Laminated Hard cover | Book binding
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      • Type: Notebooks

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