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1 Bread and Butter Laptop bag + 6 Terracotta Coffee mugs (Glazed)

Rs. 3,529.00

1 Bread and Butter + 4 Coffee Mugs

Shipping time: 7-10 days

This combo consists of 1 Bread and Butter Bag + 4 Terracotta glazed Coffee mugs
 You Save Rs 229/- 
Know your Bread & Butter?
  • This 'Bread & Butter' was our first exclusive Laptop Bag design by Vinay Kumar, an alumni of NIFT. The bag was designed with the sole purpose of being the companion and bread & butter of its user through the day. 
  • The Bag has two main elements. Handwoven Ikat Fabric and Genuine Leather with quality of International standards. The Hand-woven Ikat Fabric is woven by 20 Artisans we support through our social initiative on the outskirts of Hyderabad. 
  • With over 1500 pieces having already been sold in it's first six months, the bread and butter laptop bag is undoubtedly the most favourite bag in the entire collection.

    What is the Bread and Butter Laptop bag made of? 

    • The Zips and Zippers are imported into the country from YKK, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of zips and zippers in the world. 
    • The Inner Lining material is Poly Drill which is what is used in products specially made for exports thereby meeting International standards. 

    Can this fit a 15.8inch Laptop? 

    Yes it can. The Length x Breadth x Height is 15.8" x 4.4" x 13"

    How many compartments and pockets/sleeves does the bag come with?

    To be precise, 2 compartments, 2 pockets and 1 outer sleeve. 

    • Size of Outer Pocket: 4.7 inches x 6.7inches
    • Size of 2 Inner Pockets: 4.5inches x 3 inches
    • First compartment: A 5mm padded compartment which can store 1 laptop + 2 notebooks.
    • Second compartment: 4 books + 1 hard disk + other essentials. 
    How do we take care of the Bread and Butter? 
    • No Machine wash. In-order to clean bag, please rinse only. 
    • Please note that stretch marks on leather is a sign that genuine leather has been used. Only Faux leather comes with zero stretch marks. 
    Suggested weight you can carry inside the bag: 2kgs-2.25kgs
    Terracotta Coffee Mug:
    Inspired by the practice of coffee as an engaging medium of bringing together conversations, these Terracotta coffee mugs with hand woven cane handles have been produced by artisans in Calcutta and in Chennai. A total of 65 artisans work on these cups on a weekly basis. The process of construction of each cup is present below our specifications section. Read more about how we create our ceramic glazed Terracotta ware here
    What are the Specifications? 
    • Dimensions: 4.4inches x 2.8inches
    • Width of Cane: 2mm
    • Volume of Liquid: 250ML
    • Care Instructions: For long lasting, please wash within 2 hours of use with warm water and light soap with scrubber. The cups are 100% reusable owing to the ceramic glaze within.

    How are the Coffee mugs Packaged and sent across to you safely? 

    • Each Coffee mug is bubble wrapped.
    • It is then placed in 7 ply boxes which contain Hay before being tapped and shipped out. 


            Shipping Costs

            • Rs 65/- for order value upto Rs 750/-
            • Rs 85/- for order value between Rs 750/ to Rs 2500/-
            • Free Shipping for order value above Rs 2500/-
            • Shipping time: 10 working days.

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