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The process of making The Laptop Bags

Know our Artisans who make the Bag for you:
Ikat Weavers
  • Pochampally is slowly becoming an extinct form of textile weaving, and the community is shrinking in numbers. Once a luxurious weave, when combined with silk or silk cotton, today, Ikat weavers are hesitant to trust the modern consumer.
  • For our Denim fabric we get it dyed from Export Denim manufacturers in the Northern districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • It is our responsibility, at The Postbox, to ensure that this beautiful craft is revived, the weavers are made to understand the benefits a modern consumer can bring. Open a whole new opportunity of innovation for them and assuring them of a sustained livelihood.
  • We use Ikat fabric for our Bread & Butter and The Commuter laptop bag. With this, we are supporting a total number of 15-25 weavers from Pochampally.
Block Printers
  • One of the most favoured forms of textile surface exploration, block printing is slowly losing its value in the face of silk weaving and other fowms of luxurious fabrics.
  • By taking in block printers, experts in this field for over 20 years, from Calcutta, we engage them in our ideation process and discuss the different techniques of block printing along with dyeing on pure cotton fabric.
The Process:
  • The Ikat fabric is first woven and then dyed in a small village situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad.
  • In the case of block printed cotton, the fabric comes in from West Bengal.
  • In the case of Denim, the fabric is first stretched and pulled to see wear and tear. It then goes through a routine check to see if there are any colour patches or marks before being finally cut. 
  • 100% Genuine leather is processed at our tannery in Chennai, which is treated and dried by our team of skilled leather crafters. This Leather is also used for export purposes so all quality is taken care off. 
  • A dye cut is developed for each pattern, and once the Ikat/Block printed Cotton/Denim fabric is received at our Warehouse in Chennai, the team of leather crafters are ready with the entire assembly line to begin production.
  • The finest quality of finishing is used- from the buckles, to the magnetic buttons to the zippers from YKK finishings, the world's largest producer and exporter of zips and zippers in the world. Each of this comes with a 6 months warranty period.
  • At the production unit, the first round of Quality Check is done to ensure that everything is in place and no faulty pieces are being shipped out.
  • The entire inventory is then passed on to the final QC team, which completes the last stage of inventory by adding in the Story Cards and sealing the final bag.