The process of making our Ceramic Glazed Terracotta ware.

As mentioned to you all on our product pages, a team of 65 artisans work on our Terracotta ware and cane weaving. Please read below point by point on how we do it.
  • The finest of soil is chosen and moulded in West Bengal by a team of highly skilled terracotta artisans.
  • After the first round of drying and firing, the cups are beaten to remove any excess/unwanted soil that's holding on.
  • The cups are then fired again at over 1000 degrees to ensure that it not only becomes sleek and lightweight, but also gets highly firm from within.
  • The lead free ceramic coating is then painted on the insides and the handles, after which the cups go through the third and final round of firing at over 1000 degrees.
  • Once the Terracotta mugs are received at the Chennai Warehouse, the team of Cane Weavers, weave around each piece separately, thereby completing the process.
  • Our Quality Control team then applies varnish on the Cane to ensure that it remains in tact even after multiple use