The process of creating our Viscose Satin Stoles.

  • Once the light Viscose Satin has been sourced from Mumbai, it is brought to our textile printing unit in Karur, Tamil Nadu.
  • Here, the fabric is treated with starch and then heat pressed once again, to bring out the finesse of the satin material.
  • The fabric then undergoes flat bed printing.
  • The entire lot of fabric is then washed in drum rolls with added chemicals which drain out excess color and ensures the retention of color thereafter. 
  • The fabric is then machine dried to wash out the printing and chemical fragrance.
  • This lot is transferred to our tailoring unit, where 30 experienced tailors in the field of export, sew the stoles to the desired dimensions.
  • Our unit supports a community of 35 textile printing experts and 30 tailors who are absolute masters in this field.