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How do we design at The Postbox?


We sit together and plan a product roadmap along with materials we think we can use.

Market Research

Typically we love learning consumer behaviour trends. What's hot and What's not. We spend a lot of time understanding the aesthetic sensibilities, functional value, and materials which are being used across the world.


We spend a lot of time seeking inspiration from what we see through our travels, read through inspiring books and from conversations we listen to, from interesting people. Our Moodboards are varied and doesn't have to be limited to just designs or hues or materials. It can be cafes, architecture or even our diverse history.


We start with ideating on paper since it is the quickest way to draw, discuss and edit forms and shapes.

Go Digital

Each idea is digitised and made to look like how the final product needs to be made along with bringing to life the varied materials which would eventually be used.

Brainstorm on Design & Launch

The Designs are then presented to the team which would sit together and shortlist the final pool of designs which would go into prototyping. The Marketing, Logistics & Content team would also be present at this stage to discuss all finer details as we prepare for launch.


Each product is then sent to the manufacturing unit to be prototyped as per set specifications on size and materials to be used.


The Product is then tested by the team and a select few people. Most of our tests revolve around material, hardware being used & the overall functionality of the product.


Feedback is given almost realtime during the testing process which makes it easy for us to iterate and make a fresh sample for testing the product again.


The Product is tested once again, this time by the team only before it goes into production.


The Product goes into full scale production while the Logistics, Marketing & Content teams draw out their plans before the launch date.


With everything set in order, the product is then uploaded onto our website and launched simultaneously across all social media platforms. This pertains to a collection of products as well.