Customer Experience & Operations - Full Time

The Candidate will be working out of our studio in Chennai, India

About Customer Experience & Operations at The Postbox

We strongly believe that experiences are the epicenter of how a story unfolds for a direct to consumer driven brand like ours. To evoke an emotion through our products and service that speak of the high quality we aspire to provide is what we are in pursuit of every day.

To help in this constant pursuit, you will be responsible for communicating with our customers, making sure they have a pleasant experience from the moment they visit our online store. This could be guiding them with certain questions on products to helping them receive their products on time. Through this and outreach programs you will also gather feedback on experiences and transform those conversations into formidable actions, thereby creating value through product and process focus. 

We strive to bring together a community of people who work together with a culture of mutual respect, support, accountability, and passion for the brand and product. Our goal is to offer an inspirational and open workplace that allows for exceptional talent to thrive.

What you will need for you to apply for this role:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Knowledge of direct to consumer niche brands around the country.
  • 0-1 years of relevant work experience. Freshers would be preferred. 
  • Knowledge of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Google Sheets and so on. 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to persuasively communicate recommendations and effectively champion customer needs.
  • Fluency in English (oral and written) and Hindi (Oral) is essential. 

What you will do in this role

    • Creating a high-quality experience for a Postbox customer by listening, empathising and providing them with information to their query in a crisp, timely manner.
    • Making sure orders are fulfilled on time and specific customer queries are handled and executed with care.
    • Creating a 360 degree feedback channel where every piece of feedback received is communicated back to our artisans, manufacturing partners and logistics team. This could be on the packaging or quality of the product or even design recommendations. 
    • To be the single point of contact between our logistics partners and us, coordinating efforts to assure a smooth delivery of our products to the customer at The Postbox.
    • Measuring customer happiness on a weekly basis, creating a culture wherein every piece of constructive feedback is duly noted and worked upon in a timely manner. 
    • To redefine how customer experience is perceived in today’s world by coming up with innovative solutions either through automation or one to one interaction.
      • To work with our manufacturing partners and make sure products are delivered on time at our warehouse. Since we follow a lean inventory model, it will be important to look at data and make sure orders are not delayed due to supply chain constraints. 

      The Qualities you will need to have:

      Smart Worker:

      To be able to manage time efficiently, playing multiple roles between talking to customers and our supply chain team. 

      Quick Thinker:

      To be able to think on their feet, coming up with solutions which are time sensitive, innovative and practical while being calm under pressure. These are also times when you do-not have access to other team members for advice.

      Be Flexible:

      Our work timings are 10am - 6pm. On some days you will need to work extra hours to finish a project. What will be in check here is your spirit to commit yourself to get the job done and work with people who love building and solving everyday problems.

      Simplify Problems/Great at communication:

      To be able to write and communicate well with our customers, break down a problem into simple parts and come up with a creative solution thereby assuring them and instilling them with the faith of a high-quality experience is what we are looking out for.

      A Team Player:

      We want to work with someone who thrives while working together with the team and focuses on moving the team forward and not the individual alone.

      Joining date: September 1st, 2022

      If you think you have it in you to be part of our small passionate team, write into us at with Subject "Application: Customer Experiences & Ops"

      Attach a brief note about yourself, what customer experience means to you & how you will execute this role at The Postbox.