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Customer Experience Associate – Full Time

(Location: Chennai, India)

About The Postbox

The Postbox is a Product Design firm that creates products and provides a platform for artists and product designers to collaborate; distinctive in material and design sensibilities thereby bringing about contemporary relevance to everyday life. 2 years on, 20,000 orders, 200 artisans based out of 5 cities working on 60 homegrown products later, we’ve realised that our journey stands at this - initiating conversations that revolve around caring deeply for the lifestyle we choose to support and enjoy.

Long term we see ourselves growing horizontally and vertically, introducing new products and working on existing lines, reinventing design sensibilities through technology & research. We aim to carve a space for ourselves true to our identity of being a versatile platform in terms of materials, product categories and an evolving design philosophy.

Join us at The Postbox if you believe in what we stand for, have the attitude and empathy to do what it takes everyday, believe in conversations that focus on creating a unique experience and loyalty thereby working towards this dream we have embarked upon.

About Customer Experience at The Postbox

We strongly believe that experiences are the epicenter of how the story unfolds for a consumer driven brand like ours. To evoke an emotion through our products and service which speak of high quality, is what we are in pursuit of everyday. 

To help in this constant pursuit, our team will be responsible for communicating with customers themselves; gathering feedback on experiences and transforming these conversations into formidable actions, thereby creating value through product and process focus. Creative methods through personal conversations and the use of technology to build a lasting relationship between the brand and the consumer, a relationship of empathy, satisfaction and quality is what we strive to achieve everyday.

About this role:

  • We are looking for someone to work full time, primarily on crafting customer experience based out of our office in Chennai. You will report directly to the founders of the company. This role involves:
  • Creating a high quality experience for a Postbox customer by listening, empathising and providing them with information to their query in a crisp, timely manner.
  • Creating a feedback channel where every piece of feedback received is communicated back to our artisans, packaging or any specific team involved and followed up on.
  • To be the single point of contact between our logistics partners and us, coordinating efforts to assure a smooth delivery of our products to the customer at The Postbox.
  • Measuring customer happiness on a weekly basis, creating a culture wherein every piece of constructive feedback is duly noted and worked upon in a timely manner. 
  • To redefine how customer experience is perceived in today’s world by coming up with innovative solutions either through automation or one to one interaction.

What we are looking for

A Leader:

The Postbox is a company where each employee is promoted to think individually, and come up with innovative solutions quickly. We want to work with people who love building and solving everyday problems, challenge status quo, come up with innovative and practical solutions while being calm under pressure.

An Optimist:

We want to work with people who continuously are in pursuit of that light at the end of the tunnel. To be able to write and communicate well with our customers, break down a problem into simple parts and come up with a creative solution thereby assuring them and instilling them with faith of a high quality experience is what we are looking out for.

A Team Player:

To be able to receive and give constructive feedback to an individual or team, to be able to work cross functionally across different verticals on a common goal which will help the company move forward in terms of a high quality customer experience is what we are looking for. We want to work with someone who derives immense pleasure from and focuses on moving the team forward and not the individual alone.

A Strong Learner:

There is nothing better than working on your strengths, identifying your weakness, embracing the two of them and learning how to work in a manner where learning and development of you as person is part and parcel of everyday life at The Postbox. We want to work with somebody who is passionate to learn and be part of experiences, which will push them to the edge of their seat.

Ideally you would need to have great communication skills and be passionate about advocating a wonderful customer experience. Under graduates in Communication or an interest in pursuing a different career from what you graduated in. (Experience in communications/customer service would be a bonus)

Fluency in English and Hindi, both oral and written, is essential. 

A Hustler who is ready to put in long hours of work everyday, complete that to-do list and be that rock star the team looks onto for inspiration.

If you think you have it in you to be part of our small passionate team, write in to us at with a brief note about yourself, what customer experience means to you, how you will execute this role at The Postbox and what you want to learn by being part of our team.