About The Postbox & Our Team

Does The Postbox support Artisans directly?

The Postbox directly supports over 200 artisans based out of five cities in India. Pondicherry, Jaipur, Calcutta, Chennai & Hyderabad. 

Financial Literacy: 

The Postbox also hands out voluntarily, lessons on financial management and cash flow management to each of these artisanal groups in order to better facilitate infrastructure upgradation whenever necessary. 

Promoting Fare wages: 

We do not BARGAIN with artisans. We pay them what they ask for. It is in our best interests that both the community of artisans and us, the team at The Postbox work together to create great good quality products following a very fare policy.

Growing Artisan teams: 

The Postbox from it's inception believes in nurturing the growth of artisan group, multiplying it's workforce keeping in mind business interests on both sides in such a way the artisan groups scale as we scale our operations. 

Is Postbox a for profit organization?

Yes we are a for profit organization. There are families and artisan communities to support, products to create and operations which need to expand. Being a for profit organisation will only help us facilitate this growth and help us give you a wide variety of products from India for the world. 

Where is The Postbox based out of and how big is the current team? 

The Postbox is based out of the Southern city, Chennai. We are currently a small team of 10 people supporting over 200 artisans in India. 

Are all the products created and designed by The Postbox?

Yes and No. 

With respect to collaborations, where we showcase product designers and their work, we don't make those products. 

With respect to all products being created under shop, under the three categories, The Postbox has designed, created and continues to manufacture all those products. 

I want to get to know the team at The Postbox

If you want to get to know the team at The Postbox, please click here - https://www.thepostbox.in/pages/meet-the-team