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Ceramic Glazed Terracotta Ware with Handwoven cane

  • Featured by Vogue India in 2015 as one of India’s coolest brands for the Handmade Terracotta Range, this series is an inspiration of our earthen traditions. The terracotta range was developed with an aim to: revive this age old craft, add contemporary relevance to what we envisioned to be a beautiful lifestyle product.
  • By adopting a village in the outskirts of Calcutta, we have helped an entire family reconstruct their ancestral craft by educating them about the modern market, ensuring them consistent financial support, and helping them understand the value of a consumer’s interests, and most importantly, instill their sense of belief and confidence for their craft back again.
  • Identifying a settlement of cane weavers who had migrated from Andhra Pradesh to Chennai, in 2014, we brought them on board to enhance our design iterations for the handmade terracotta ware. By making financial literacy a lot more comprehensible to them, we are glad they gave us the chance to provide them a sustainable livelihood. Today, the women and the younger generation are trained in this craft as they now see stability in pursuing this. Giving them room for innovation, we keep their curiosity of creating alive.

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