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Noseping // Sterling Silver By ROIA Jewelry

Tula by ROIA

About the collection:

This line is inspired from both nature and architectural forms. It's all about balance. Minimalistic in details; geometric forms; contrasting elements, like color, texture and finishing; asymmetry because I, as a designer, love something a little unexpected.
The jewelry we've created for this line is very light and is designed for everyday comfort. The pieces are made in 925 Sterling silver and is given an oxidized finish. Patinas are used for color accents. Techniques like granulation and filigree is incorporated.

The range includes ear jewelry trends such as ear jackets and threaders (Chain hook) and an array of eclectic nose pins.

About ROIA:

ROIA as a label was born in London(October 2014). I was doing my jewelry course in London and had to come up with a brand name for my graduate collection. I chose ROIA which is a combination of letters from my name. Unlike most of the designers, I was not keen on naming my jewelry line after my name. Hence the combination and it feels equally personal.

ROIA means "a dream or "a vision" in Persian.