We are here to stay!

Dear Postbox Community, 

While I dabble with handling multiple roles at The Postbox working with the extending team to make sure we are ready for the Holiday season, I am going to take some time out to write a piece on how I see the future unfold for us. 

Postbox completes 3 years, today. 3 years of immense learning and experiences which are going to shape how this brand is going to be perceived 10 years down the line. In this competitive landscape of niche e-commerce in India, it is absolutely pertinent for us to realize this. So congratulations to the team and everyone involved in the journey thus far. 

I keep telling a lot of people I meet, that working at The Postbox is an enriching and fulfilling experience. This brand is bigger than me and I must have the integrity to make sure it rides through the high tides and the low tides keeping at bay anything which could negatively impact the brand.

We have done what many brands take many years to do. The power we have to make products which are going to be used by people on a daily basis is a responsibility we cannot take for granted.

Every day when I get into work, I am driven by a few very important things. Here are a few of them,

First off is to have a renewed focus on the vision and mission to be an accessible brand building products at scale to make everyday living functional, relevant and aesthetically pleasing. This matters to me more than ever, right now. The need to focus on the materials we use and the products we launch is going to be pertinent as we scale through the coming months and years. This brand will be perceived based on what I have defined above, so the scope for error here will have to minimal. We are going to be focusing on two verticals and grow each vertical as horizontal as possible. 

Second, the culture of our company. The way we communicate our mood board for each collection to our community, the way we speak to each other at work and lastly, the way we take care of our customers. As we become a brand a lot of people look up to in terms of the way we think about design and what inspires us to do what we do, it is now a responsibility we have to take upon ourselves as we build a strong product company with a culture which will respect and give a voice to each opinion in the room. It doesn't stop here. Every detail, from packaging a product to launching one will speak volumes when it comes to our tone and language as we interact with the larger audience. 

Third, a renewed focus to work with artisans and craftsman. We began our journey working with artisans from Jaipur, Hyderabad, Calcutta & Pondicherry. These people are important for us as we scale this brand and reach to a wider audience. A new ceramic ware line by our Artisans in Pondicherry launches early next week. Our design team is working on an exclusive line of products which will involve fabric woven by artisans. This is important for us. This is important for the community.

    With everything at stake and all the cards on the table, it's important to have fun while we are building out something which is going to shape how the world and the community look upon us and the rest of India when it comes to product design. To strike that sense of balance is key not just for our community but also for the team who work behind the scenes on our day to day operations. 

    I would like to thank the team, who have come in and the ones who have been with us for the last three years. The brand will not be able to evolve at the pace which it is without you all. So thank you for your support. 

    Lastly, I would like to thank my family for their unconditional support, my dear friends who have made this journey enjoyable, the investors who have shown immense faith and trust in the entire team and last but not the least to The Postbox Community who have stuck on with us through the last three years. 

    We are here to stay, 
    Nikhil Joseph 
    Co-founder & CEO  

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