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As I begin to write this post, I’d like to tell you how incredibly fulfilling the last seven months have been and that we can’t wait to stir up an ‘art’ revolution this country is witnessing currently. When we spoke about having an Art summit, we were serious, very serious. In fact in one of my meetings today with one of our advisors who helps us scale up the business, this is one of the points we brought up. It’s important to just have a sheer amount of self belief in what you want to get through this. 

We don’t want to be called an “E-commerce company” , we want to brand ourselves entirely different. We’d like for us to be at the forefront of supporting art and artists getting their work out there and we’re working towards this dream with a steady efficient pace. 

When we launched the #artyourself campaign on Instagram, little did we realise how big it was going to be. We had over 1000 entries from people all over the world. Isn’t that awesome? I was never a part of it, I only simply kept a tab on the entries. I’d like to congratulate Madhu and everyone she got on board to help promote this campaign in what a great success it’s been. I’d like to thank the contributors as well for all the amazing work they’ve put on display. We have plans and in the coming weeks of we are going to showcase this amazing work. This is something which hasn’t been done before with a campaign of this scale. Be prepared. 

Anyway, let’s get down to business right away. On an average over the last three months(March to Mid May), we’ve grown at 200% MOM(month on month) when compared to the previous three months (December – February) This month has seen the best performing two weeks since we started out last year.

So what’s our plan for the next two months? 

We are going to go micro, track week on week goals in every department there is and we’ve created for ourselves. 

We’ve just finished all the documentation and will go international by the end of month, latest by the second week of June. 

We are going to launch 4 more artists and 2 more stores. 

We are going to be launching 8 more products. 

and we are going to launch a careers page because we need help, we need help in scaling up this business we are building for the future and we need great great talent. We need people who can work long hours, who can have the same amount of passion the two of us have and solve problems with great efficiency. 

This brings me to the next point I want to talk about. 

As we welcome interns into our company, The Postbox is on the lookout for more talent. We need two people who just cannot afford to give up, who can fight till their last breath and not worry about failing or succeeding. We need somebody who wants to learn, who wants to grow and who is willing to get on to this journey with us, it’s challenging for sure but it’s equally rewarding, you’ll know how it feels when you get a great review from a customer. Trust me! 

 If you think you have it in you to work with us and this brand, come join us:) Email us your resume to

With this blog post I am going to start a personal section where I will talk about what’s going on with the three of us. 

I head to Pondicherry on Sunday early morning with Dad to catch the sunset at one of my favourite beaches and then grab beer and seafood at another great place before heading back the same day. Can’t wait. 

Madhu is in her final weeks of fashion school and will be back in India by the end of June, she plans to work on her dissertation which is based on the fading legacy of handicrafts in today’s digital world along with the rise of neutral gender.

Rajan heads to his wife’s place over the weekend. His wife and kids are spending their summer vacation at her home so he heads out to visit them this weekend:)

Hope you all have a great weekend :) 

If you have a dream and have enough self belief and trust in you and your team, then there is nothing which can possibly stop you. 

Have a great weekend, 

Nikhil Joseph 

Co-founder, The Postbox

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