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Still in the Prelude

September 22, 2016

Still in the Prelude

I will start this post with something I wrote about my team, our dreams and what we aspire to be through the coming years.

‘Remember us’

For me and my team, for what we do and how we do it, for what we create and how we create it, remember us.
for the emotion we aspire to emote, for this story we want to share with you, for the ambition you and I together can fulfill, remember us.
From Soul to soul, we hope to conquer, From Tradition we dream Contemporary, From my voice to you, I whisper, Remember us.
We've completed Two years today. The day began like how we usually begin every other day. We huddled together over our newly acquired table & spoke about three new products we will be launching in the coming weeks. Discussions usually revolve around products, construction and design. I was of the opinion that a few design changes need to be made to a product which I was using for a while. Like all are other products, this product as well will go through an evolution as we use it and think of ways to make it more functional and easy to use. 
If there is anything that links all of us here together, it is our intent. We don't aspire to take short cuts. If you ask me today, what are you here to do, I'll stick to what I said to the first person I met from a VC firm that we are here to build a brand and not a market place of brands. As we march in to our third year, we remind ourselves everyday about how there needs to be patience, there needs to be work ethic to create, talk about and nourish ideas through animated conversations, illustrating on already used paper and so on. For us this is our bread and butter, what we live for and will live for in the coming years. 

Two years ago, at 9 am, today, went live. With one collaboration, 6 products and 30 designs.

And just one idea- to get people connecting again- through design.

To date, Postbox remains as that idea and we have allowed ourselves to travel through the different avenues of design to understand, what at best and large connects with our people that will empower them to start revisiting the joys of yesterday, experience the unfamiliar excitement of tomorrow and just very simply, getting delighted by what they see, touch and feel, today.

Fast forward and we stand to realize what a beautiful community of family, friends, artists, artisans, designers and just strangers who have come together to acknowledge the presence and beauty of design inspired by our rich and diverse culture.

It is this ever growing community that we are grateful for today. For helping us build our story, along with us, sending us personal emails and messages which has helped us realize the importance of why we all need to create more value today, understanding our mistakes and still believing in us- (especially our Instagram followers), we will always remain indebted to you guys for giving us and being a part of this journey to explore the reach of design in everyday life.

Now, before this gets mistaken for a Vote of Thanks speech, we'd like to just express how this idea is shaping up currently.

For us, design is everyday life. It's a pattern, it's a solution and it's a delight. It makes one wonder, and understand better. It makes one question, analyze and arrive at solutions, if not better ones. It allows us the space to think more, innovate and share it with the society we are a part of. That is the beauty of design. How it enables us to share experiences, conversations, moments and memories.

Through Postbox, through this community, we wish to reach out to as many hearts as possible to share the joy of everyday living.

Year three and many years later, this will still be a journey of this idea. And this community will only be stronger.

So thank you, you. For having our backs and giving us the confidence to keep moving on, stronger and better.

Happy Birthday, The Postbox!

Madhu & Nikhil

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