Artist of the week is a Friday feature where we curate an Artist from around the world. He/She takes over our Instagram feed to talk with our audience about their line of work, how their journey as an artist began, what makes them wake up everyday to create or visualise art and most of all what inspired them to do so. 
Post 1 
Hello everyone, Sayok here. Today I will be posting on behalf of the postbox, talk about myself a bit and more as the day goes on. Its been quite sometime now since I have been working with The Postbox, and it all started with music posters. I shall talk more about that later; but now let me share my today's playlist with you. Let's get Friday started.
1. Guns for hands - Twenty one pilots (album: vessel)
2. Ride - Twenty one pilots (album: blurryface)
3. Take me to church - Ellie Goulding cover
4. Damn your eyes - Alex Claire
5. Seven nationnarmy - Postmodern Jukebox cover.
Post 2

Sayok here, back again, with more stories.

Since childhood I was pretty affectionate towards sketching, when I used to turn the living room walls into my canvas and scribble anything and everything ( of course parental whacking followed right after that, but that's a different story). Coming from a generation of YouTube and sound cloud, more than art pieces, different music videos, short films, song tracks etc. influenced me as a thinker. And transforming those thought processes into an artwork became a daily hobby. Tim Burton, Satyajit Ray, Dali, Eddie Vedder are few among the vast number of artists whose work made me think, feel and look at things from a different point of view. The below picture is one of my very old doodle work. Hope you all are having a lovely day. :)

Post 3

Talking about influences, I remember how this particular piece shook me. An artwork by Tim Burton. The concept character sketch of Edward Scissorhands. I was amazed by the simplicity of the work and realized art as a form need not always be complicated. Only the expression of the eyes gives us so much, the fear, the docile nature, the timid approach of the character. The unkempt hair adds to the structurally unstructured feeling. Somewhere down the line, as a little kid, I could connect to the character so much, for reasons still unknown to me. Inspiration is everywhere, all you need to do is imbibe it. And this is one of the things that kept the younger Sayok engaged in his own utopia, which funnily was not and will never be absolute. 

Post 4

Not being from a design school/college, suddenly working in the design industry was kind of odd. Commercial design requires a lot of guidelines and has a lot of restriction. But once I started working I realized its not hard at all, its designing after all, we are not doing a brain surgery. Few things that I learnt on the go :
1. Don't stop working on your art till you yourself are fully happy with it.
2. Don't get married to your work. If something is not working out now, it won't even after 100 years. So rather start from scratch with a fresh mind. This thin line of when to stop and restart comes with experience. I haven't been able to master it yet.
3. There will be people who won't like your work. Doesn't mean that you are not good. Because its art, different people have different taste. Make something so great next time that everyone falls for it.
4. Aesthetics are the major part. Execution is just a form. If your idea is strong half the battle is won.
5. Do a lot of bullshit work, so that you know what you are bad at. Study that and figure out what you are NOT supposed to do.
But then again there's nothing right or wrong, just have fun with whatever you are doing.
And the attached poster is what I did last Christmas. ;)

Post 5 

So this is the last post from my side for the day.
A big shout out to The Postbox for this opportunity. :)
When I started music On The Wall, never thought it would receive so many compliments. Few days after I started the page, Nikhil and Madhu contacted me on behalf of Postbox asking me if I was ready to collaborate with them. Honestly speaking, I was overwhelmed. That's how it all started. The journey so far has been super fun and too exciting. Looking forward to more. All you lovely people do keep checking out this space for all the awesome work Postbox has been doing. Also, after a long time, Music On The Wall is coming back again with more posters, and if you guys want prints and other products, The Postbox will have them live real soon. So keep rocking and have a lovely weekend ahead. The above image is the poster for Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. One of my favourite work till date.
So, this is Sayok Ray signing off. :)