"Always a challenge for artists to hurdle over their daily trade, Postbox serves as a vital platform for change while maintaining the continuity of craft. “[In this manner] not only are craftsmen adopted across India but also good design is now accessible to a large audience at an affordable price and not just a small subset of people”, says Nikhil. He also goes on to say, “Our goal is also to develop new designs and techniques with our artisans which haven’t been done by them before. To make them aware of what the current market is like for their trade through various trend reports and show them the importance to evolve with time.”

Scrolling through the Postbox website, our eyes wallowed in love for two collections the platform produces, namely Terracotta and Ceramic. Wasting no time, we began understanding how the team put together the collection.

"In April 2015, the decision was taken that we would pivot and start creating our own products which would be largely accessible, sensible in design, aesthetics and it’s functionality. One of the things we were also clear about is the combining of two materials."

- Read the article here - https://www.asianpaints.com/colourquotient/workspace/restoring-traditions-restoring-stories-postbox-collaborates-with-artisans-across-india/