One Year of The Postbox

One Year of The Postbox.

Thank you to our parents, who’ve only helped us grow, been of constant support and pushed us to go ahead and fulfill this dream. 

Thank you to our friends, who’ve believed in us along the way. You guys have been amazing.

Thank you, our followers for spreading our name through the length and breadths of this wonderful country. We’re here to stay. 

It’s been 12 months. 

On my 18th Birthday, my father wrote to me a note. He said and I quote, “Ultimately, to go where you need to go, you need to do things you don’t like.” Resonates completely. 

I often wonder, what drives us to do what we do everyday. At the end of the day it all boils down to passion, and the necessary drive. You having passion is one thing, spreading your passion is another thing. I think we’re successfully doing the latter. Google #artyourself  

When we started this company, Madhu was 22 and I was 24. The initial days were tough, because people didn’t really take us seriously but we managed to swim through the strong current, stay afloat, and continue to do so as the months go by.

I’d like to tell you all that currently, we are growing at approximately 200%. Our average order value has increased by 35%, our marketing costs have decreased by 50% and we’ve just set up our second office space in the city. We’re doing well but can do much better. There is always room for improvement both on the product front as well on the services and communication front. I strongly believe that these three factors will be key to moving forward.

We don’t have benchmarks. We have reference points. Together, with your support, we’d like to create a company, which is being followed rather than a company, which follows. We test our products, our services and push our team to think on how we can create better, do better and empathize with our customers in a way nobody else can. Madhu and I consciously have let go of certain parts of our company as the month have gone by, only because we’d like to make the team feel responsible about the work they do. So we assign them the responsibility and make sure they’re on it.

As we move on to year two, one of the things, which Madhu and I will be focusing upon and has already significantly reduced, is what I call a ‘grievance call’. A call from a customer because of late delivery of a product, because the courier partners were rude so on and so forth. We’ve been talking to our support system on a regular basis, more openly than before on what they do and how it affects us directly both from a positive and negative point of view. It’s changing, the attitude of execution in its entirety.  It’s also a collective effort, which must be respected. No one person runs the show @ The Postbox. Responsibility is given and precision in execution is an expected norm. If not, we sit down, talk and help them believe in what we believe in very strongly.

Our core mission will revolve around Empathy in 2016. Empathy through our services. We don’t want to make money for the sake of making money. We want to build quality products, have a quality support system and as a result offer a quality experience. Maybe you can say, we deliberately prefer not making as much money as we can because we focus so much on quality. Over time, I am confident; we will be able to get our due back.

On that note, I’d like to end this post with a note we wrote to all our artists.

“We are racing, in pursuit of a dream of making us both shine, together. It happened the second we met. You and I, over Skype, over email or over a phone call. Everything I do here have some of you involved, your mind reflected through your design, your design reflected on different parts of my body. When people look at me, they see a body of work, created by you and shared by me. It’s overwhelming, this, that we had faith in each other. A husband sending a miss you note to a wife, a girlfriend sending a sorry note to her boyfriend, a grand daughter sending a gift to her grandparents are all moments that were created through your design. Remember that as the two of us move forward through the coming days, lets’ look forward to creating more moment for you and I to cherish. Everything in the world has it’s moment and this is the moment for you to be at the center of discovery. Thank you for everything.”

Thank you, once again.

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