No Plan B

“I finish my six months of working here, next month. For the first nineteen years of my work experience I would go to office, sit in a chair, read the newspaper, do some work, help a bunch expats relocate and get back home. I’d find it hard to sleep because I wouldn’t be tired. But today, I sleep at 10:30pm, I am tired, everyday is exciting, challenging and makes me want to wish I had done something like this, 19 years back. Everyday is an experience by itself. I’ve started dreaming about all the orders I need to take care of the next day”, said Rajan as we were having our customary south indian meals the other day. 

We start with a fresh lime cooler and go on to our meals through our 30 minute break as we talk about how we need to keep abreast of what the latest trends are, about how to package our products and how to make customers happy. I remember how he got flustered on one particular day about how he was not able to manage incoming orders and inventory at the same time. It’s in times like this, I use my experience of how my previous manager handled me when I would get worked up. I owe it to her. We sat down through the next thirty minutes and built a scalable process of how we will be packaging, shipping and informing customers about their orders.

Ever since then, our processes have been as smooth as the best bourbon you could get from down town San-Francisco.

Over the last seven months, we’ve been doing a lot of things. Personally going from market to market, overseeing packaging and making sure everything is perfect and maintaing relationships with all the vendors who have had immense faith in us from day 1 and above all talking to our customers. No wonder our customer return rate is well above 30% and also more profitable. They simply buy more when they come back and I give all credit to our vendors and support staff.

With Madhu back in Chennai this weekend and this time for good, we shift from third gear to fifth gear. That means, we launch products faster, we launch artists faster and we start building a team. Our first bunch of hires will be in the month of July, so on and so forth. We’ve never needed to really put out a request to apply, so this time around we thought we’ll start putting up posts for a few roles soon, very soon.

I write this post to you at a time when we have had the best three days of sales since we started in September 2014, the best three days in terms of visitors since September 2014 and with four products ready to launch in the next two weeks- we can’t be more excited. We are currently growing at about 150% month on month. Our orders are peaking at all time highs and people have started to take notice of the brand. We also have started to export our terracotta mugs which is a great achievement by itself since international standards for clay based products are very high.

All of this has required about seven months of sheer grit, persistence and belief that we can do what a lot of people thought we couldn’t.

So what’s happening?

Customer satisfaction. Focus. Revenue. Focus. Product launches. Focus. Team. Focus. Our Story. Focus. Networking. Focus.

All of these key words with extreme focus. Personally, I don’t think I’ve been this focussed on something ever since I started working. While I am looking forward to my break which will be in the month of November, the next four months are going to be the fastest four months I am going to be part off. Compare us to the Shinkansen, probably!

The picture below is a representation of regions with high density in terms of volume of orders!

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