A Makeover

I had just gotten out of a great discussion with some leading pioneers in the field of Commerce and Fashion. Conversations revolved on the need to develop relationships not just between you and your team but also with the visitors who come to your website or with the products you make and how your audience relate to them. It has to be an almost instant connection.

Walking up to my Co-founder with thoughts and points to take back with us as we create a story out of our brand and our products, I told her almost instantly, we are no more just a platform for artists and designers. We’re more than that. People here relate to us as a product design firm, people believe in and connect with. Our discussion over Tacos and Nachos with other early stage entrepreneurs in the field of Travel, Adventure and niche product design was a revelation of sorts. Neither did Madhu or I know the effect our brand had across people in a city which is diagonally opposite us in terms of geography.

So after four days of discussions on ideas of sustainability, growth and evolution we were on a plane back with thoughts and memories on how we can communicate ‘The Postbox’ better. For the two of us, the last 18 months have just been spending time focusing into a creating a brand which will be loved as the years go by.

Fast forward to two months after the conclave, we launched fewer products, fewer artists, and instead, what we did focus on- was our story. So we rolled back a few launches, decided to refine our content and communicate what we are really trying to create. On Instagram we started something called the #tpbmoodboard which talks about the hues and lines we draw our inspiration from. It’s got great response and we’ll be doing more of that, everyday, 365 days of the year for as long as we exist.

We also refined our communication to our visitors, to our buyers and to our artisans. Most of all we came up with a much more refined product roadmap.

Now to the main part, the heart of our brand, Our Website. We’ve gotten extremely personal with our new website & it’s something we take immense pride in

The new website has everything we’ve been wanting to have, looks great on mobile, easy to use and doesn’t beat around the bush. Discovery is easier but most importantly what we’ve done well is communicate our story. You will see an “Our Story” section, a “Meet the Team” section apart from learning more about our processes for certain products. The images look better, bigger and sharper – important for a visual brand like ours and the checkout process is far too simple.

For us this is a step towards refinement. I believe it is much better to be in pursuit of perfection than believe that you have already achieved perfection. It is an will always be an endless loop.

Pardon me if there are any typos. I have written this in a hurry as I have to head out to watch a stellar Indian movie called Thithi.
Nikhil Joseph,

Co-founder and CEO

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